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Most associates feel overwhelmed and lost in their first years of practice because they were never taught the everyday practical skills needed to be an excellent attorney. Most law firm partners are frustrated due to this lack of training for first-year associates and most clients don’t want to pay for first-year associates to learn on their files. So, how do associates learn these necessary skills? 

I continuously heard junior associates share how they wish they had a guide to help them understand HOW to be a litigator. This frustration and confusion only produced more questions for them and they needed clarity. 

After learning of these frustrations, I became committed to creating a practical training program to equip associates and help them get the clarity they deserve. As I progressed in my litigation career, I began writing down all of the tips and resources I needed in my first years of practice. I began working with first and second-year associates and realized this lack of training issue was not going anywhere. I know associates deserve better and that is exactly why I created JurisConsult. 

At JurisConsult, we are passionately committed to your success. We believe you deserve a guide who can provide practical training in half the time it would normally take. Our model not only provides training, but a powerful community because true change happens when you are held accountable, inspired, challenged, and seen in a community of people. Join our waitlist today and propel your career forward! You deserve training. You deserve JurisConsult.  

– Molly H., Founder of JurisConsult

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Why I do this work

I believe you have spent so much time and energy to get where you are today. A lack of training should not be a barrier for you in propelling your career forward. I want to equip you with all of the practical skills you need to help you succeed. Join this amazing community of associates and start today!